Add light-weight, high-quality backgrounds to your text documents 

If you have a template with your letterhead in it, it’s a hassle to print documents on housestyle pre-printed paper. 

Templates without letterhead can’t be emailed. They don’t look right and miss contact info. 

If you print a document including the letterhead on blank paper, the output quality may not be up to your standards. Besides, even simple PDFs grow to many MBs, which is not ideal for digital transmission, distribution nor archiving. 

Adjusting printer settings to use the right trays for the right pages is also consuming precious time. Tired of all the hassle?

Meet our layoutserver hotfolders.

Digital letterheads

Apply your letterhead or letter background to anything you can print with any application.

A4 stationery for any Office LibreOffice, OpenOffice application

Present tables from Excel, hand-outs from PowerPoint, Listings from Acces on your own letterhead, high quality and lightweight.

Graphic quality

By optimizing your letterhead background in vector illustrations rather than bitmaps, your PDFs will remain sharp and small.

Just drop your output PDF in a hotfolder

Save your text document as PDF in a hotfolder, wait 2 seconds and open it with your letterhead. 

No more duplicate source versions

Only save one single editable source version. Do not save editable versions with and without letterhead. Instead, export the document to PDF and apply a letterhead if you need to email or archive it. This means: no more duplicates with last minute edits in either one of both versions. 

Ideal for both email and printing on stationery

Imagine that you need to email a lightweight and good looking proposal and you also need to print or store it on letterhead paper. Stop the hassle of juggling with headers in your application. Just drag ‘n drop your document PDF. 

Apply a different letterhead for the first page

Many offices use multi tray printers: for blank, for first page letterhead, for second page letterhead. The digital letterhead simulates two trays: page 1 gets your full letterhead, page 2-xx (consecutive pages) get your second page letterhead. 

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Add your house style stationery to your PDFs from Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer

Combine your background-PDFs complete with logo, addresses, watermark images with your text PDFs in the easiest way thinkable: just drop your text-PDF in a folder.

Use your design stationery as it was intented

We repeatedly got a question that sounds simple but can’t easily be solved in an office environment: “Can you help us to create small PDFs from our correspondence in our corporate house style?” Now this has to do with manipulating graphics. We see lawyers and accountants are actually printing their letters on corporate stationary sheets, only to scan them in again and email them!

Other solutions, like embedding the graphics in templates, mostly results in blurred texts and too heavy PDFs. It’s what you see in most invoices. These are considered low-interest correpondence (Really!).

The simple solution for lightweight PDFs in business stationery

Sign up for our service and enjoy the pristine output from a professional graphic workflow. Save your textual work to PDF. Just like you would print it on your corporate letterhead paper. Then drop the PDF in a folder and the background will be applied.

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